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The Woodlands, TX


My name is Ashley Price and I am a self-taught professional artist. Painting is my passion and I am blessed to do what I love for a living. I graduated from Texas State University and now reside in Houston, TX. Art has always been a passion, aswell as a hobby of mine that has fortunately turned into a part-time career. My artwork varies based on what is insping me at the moment. I definitely find beauty in music, nature, animals, and film. I have a deep love for portraits and feel as though when projected on canvas, they can translate a warmth in familiararity that can be related to and shared by many.

I have taken many custom orders in the past, and am always open to more orders! I enjoy being able to make another's visions come to life. I also have done custom mural work. If you're from Austin, you might have seen my mural and signage work at Kung Fu Saloon, located on West 6th St.

My medium is acrylic on canvas. I typically create large scale pieces that make a statement and provide a focal point and ambiance in the space they are displayed in. The largest I have created was over 7 ft tall however, I work with all sizes. If I were to categorize myself into a certain style of art, I feel as though I'd fall under pop art. I am here to serve you and provide you with a unique piece of art that you can call your own! Nothing makes me happier than having a piece of my work hanging in your home to be loved and admired by you!

For general questions or inquiries for a comissioning a custom piece, purchasing an original, purchasing a giclee print from my local printer, or comissioning mural artwork:

View originals, greeting cards, or purchase giclee prints ready to hang directly:


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PLEASE NOTE: Any painting for sale is a one of a kind ORIGINAL. (not digital print, screen print, or lithograph print). They are all hand drawn, hand painted and hand signed by me. I only create ONE original of any given painting. If you buy the original, you can be certain that you are the one and only owner of that painting!

With that said, I will sometimes offer limited edition giclee prints of popular designs. (unless otherwise requested) to accomodate more collectors. A print can be purchased through one of two routes:
1. Directly from me through email request, and produced by my local art printer. A perk with this method is that I will hand sign and date it and add original brush strokes, deeming it an "original print." (Please note that the buyer is responsible for framing or stretching the canvas on a frame - however, this eliminates expensive shipping charges)
2. Ready to hang through this website! This is the quickest/easiest route if you are in a time crunch.



Tribal Elephant by Ashley Price


Prince by Ashley Price


Black and White Marilyn by Ashley Price


Lennon and Yoko by Ashley Price


Willie nelson by Ashley Price


Baby Buddha by Ashley Price


Baby Buddha 2 by Ashley Price


Slash by Ashley Price


young johnny cash by Ashley Price


Young Elvis by Ashley Price


Kurt Cobain by Ashley Price


aztec warrior by Ashley Price


Willie Nelson by Ashley Price


Jim Morrison by Ashley Price


First Love by Ashley Price


joker by Ashley Price


Rain or Shine by Ashley Price


Ups and Downs by Ashley Price


Love Alone by Ashley Price


The City Sleeps by Ashley Price


Little Birdie by Ashley Price


Leopard Garden by Ashley Price


Birdie Tea Party by Ashley Price


A Beautiful Flight by Ashley Price